Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Best of Preloaded Podcast 18/02/08

Preloaded with Dan and Sophie! Catch up with the antics of Dan, Sophie and Producer Amy in this, the weeky round-up of their best bits.

This week on The Best of Preloaded: Guest Quiz Master - Challenge Spike for the role of Quizmaster. Rate My Member and the Panty Line - a service to those having issues with the Smoke Radio stream. Special Usage of Ghetto lingo and Brit Awards chat.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

RAG Day 2008 Video Podcast

RAG Day's programming at the University of Westminster's radio station, Smoke Radio, is condensed into six minutes for your video pleasure.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

RAG Day 2008

Smoke Radio joins the University of Westminster's student union for a special week of Raising and Giving for charity. Check out the podcast for the highlights of the day's programming.

The Best of Preloaded Podcast 11/02/08

Preloaded with Dan and Sophie! Catch up with the antics of Dan, Sophie and Producer Amy in this, the weeky round-up of their best bits.

This week on Preloaded: Spike's Quiz, not read by Spike OR Josh - but Amy. Rate my member. And the learning resource center with Jill, LIVE from central. Also, naming Dan Robert's car. Apparently all cars and boats are females. Does this mean trains are guys? Find out all this and more on this week's Preloaded podcast.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Best of Preloaded Podcast 07/02/08

Preloaded with Dan and Sophie! Catch up with the antics of Dan, Sophie and Producer Amy in this, the weeky round-up of their best bits.

This week on Preloaded: Daniel finds something horrific in the mens room. Cake sale scandals. Goodlass & Marshall review cakes from RAG Day. And the listener figures are updated by Francis from the learning resources centre. Anyone else think he sounds familiar?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Request Show with Oli P Podcast 30th January

This week on the Podcast you can hear the interview with special guest Matt Weed and his band. Plus a hilarious prank call.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Best Of Preloaded 28th January

Preloaded with Dan and Sophie! Catch up with the antics of Dan, Sophie and Producer Amy in this, the weeky round-up of their best bits.

This week on Preloaded: Nile Wilson from Fulbourn joins the team for Rate My Member. Phil Landers, Co-Head of Programming on Smoke Radio allows for Preloaded to poke fun at CUR1350 - a rival student station. Choc'o'lik gets Troy into the studio - will he Choc... or Lick? Listen to find out all this and more!

Monday, January 14, 2008

ReFreshers Week 2008 - Friday Podcast

Housewives Favourite James Poulter of the Crossway joins Chris and Pete in the studio. Ross Goodlass gets pranked and led to believe a cover of a song is getting him in trouble for copyright infring. Challenge Dierdre is back with the Matt & Rupert Show. And Goodlass and Marshall send Ross Tilley (aka. Large Spice) out to the O2 arena to cover the Spice Girls Reunion concert.

ReFreshers Week 2008 - Thursday Podcast

The Apple Bites Back team discuss the potential flaws in Stewart's iTato product recommendation. Sam Impey hogs Phil Landers' only job on their show. Goodlass and Marshall find out about more spud-related spillages. Could respected reporter Ross Tilley be to blame? And Nan dishes out some general knowledge facts after 'Challenge Nan' in a novel twist!

ReFreshers Week 2008 - Wednesday Podcast

Landers presents the Request Show off-mic. Lottie and Eric Razzle-Dazzle it up, with bag-buying advice and Tudor intervals. Impey and the Brain find Placenta is a good source of iron. And Goodlass and Marshall find Cavendish Campus is flooded with human waster after a spud-related toilet blockage!

ReFreshers Week 2008 - Tuesday Podcast

News on Smoke Radio School Disco 2 (Thursday 17th Jan 08). Chris 'N' Pete with advice how to spend your loan. Stewart Paske get's pranked. Preloaded are showered in a storm of Chocolate Rain. Impey and the Brain do 'Beat the Brain' with Quizmaster Landers. Who'll win? All this and more on Tuesday's podcast!

ReFreshers Week 2008 - Monday Podcast

The first day of Freshers Week 2008, and Chris and Pete kick-start the day with some prank-call mischief, much to the annoyance of Smith & Bracey Go Large's, Sarah Smith. Phil Landers does his Movie Quiz competition to give listeners the chance to win DVD's. And Smith and Bracey almost say rude words on air!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Smoke Radio Freshers Week Video Podcast

Five days of programming at the University of Westminster's radio station, Smoke Radio, is condensed into five minutes for your aural pleasure

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

SO4S Thursday

Thursday's Highlights

Thursday, May 17, 2007

SO4S Wednesday

Wednesday's Highlights

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

SO4S Tuesday

The morning after the night before!
All the team where slightly how can we say “tired” after a hectic Smoke
Night at the SU bar it gave all the smoke listeners’ a chance to catch the
favorite presenters singing their hearts out at Bandeoke! The usual fun and games where to be had with the smoke team, including the much loved Robin Blamires who was guided by the hand of Goodlass and Marshall as they directed him round the Harrow Halls trying to get him some lovely presents.

Chris Jones was joined by the long haired Tudor Gent Edward Burke, which provided another opportunity for Tudor to vent his rants. The Signal team Ali O’boyle and Phil Landers where also graced by the company of the Tudor Gent, however somehow it managed to resulted in a bizarre amount of hair smelling, confused? Along with all that the boys from the Wake UP Call kicked it all off continuing the quest to find the winner of the Battle Of the Bands competition along with so much more..

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

SO4S Monday

The opening day of Smoke’s Out For Summer 2007. The Wake Up Call Wind The Nation, and Goodlass and Marshall find a student to Challenge Nan, as well as finding out the latest gossip in L.A. with Miles Blayden Casino-Ryall! Robin Blamires is not best pleased when the studio phone rings on air, and on Smoke Signal, Ali O’Boyle lays down the rules to co-presenter Phil Landers.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Big Red One 2007 Podcast

On the 15th March 2007, Smoke Radio initiated its campaign to raise awareness for Comic Relief, the UK charity fighting poverty in Africa, and disadvantaged communities throughout the United Kingdom.

On Thursday night, Smoke Radio opened up Area 51, the Student Union club venue, for a night of live music from some great indie bands to get their big Red Nose rolling, thus gaining momentum for the events to come the following day.

Come 12pm Friday, Smoke Radio had began it's 24-hour schedule, filled with fantastic programmes geared towards raising awareness for Comic Relief, including directing listeners to Hearing Aid, a text number for student radio stations up and down the country. From each text which cost £1 to send, 70p of that charge went to charity, and will continue to do so until 16th March.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Smoke Radio Video Podcast 8 - After The Awards

See what happens when a camcorder is let loose at the After Awards Party at The Fat Controller. And the results is not pretty.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Smoke Radio Video Podcast 7 -Smoke Radio Awards

See the Awards Ceremony for the 2006 Smoke Radio Awards.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Smoke Radio Video Podcast 6

See the 'friendly banter' on Smoke Signal between Sophie and Steve.
See how scared Andy B is of Snails.
See Andy B eat Octopus.
And if you are not easily offended, see Smoke Signal get a bit too icky for comfort.

Smoke Radio Video Podcast 5

See Joe Haddow attempt to open a tin with a knife.
See Jo Cave eat dog food.
See Tom tell funny stories.
And hear what an alternative universe Maz would be like.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Goodlass And Marshall 12.05.06

In the final show, the duo get an unexpected visit from Rayhan who gives their legs a waxing, Ross is set a Mission Improbable to buy both himself and Ricky a drink from the student shop in 3 minutes and the grand final of Nano A Nano.

Tom And Maz - 12.05.06

Tom insults Maz with his selection of blonde jokes and the duo are both put on the spot with the musical intro game.

Dan P - 12.05.06

Dan P sets a challenge for Chris Jones to create a low budget tea party and an award for tonights presentations. There's also another elaborate attempt at 'Friendly Banter'.